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The fire has been extinguished, now what do I do?

Contact your insurance company immediately. It is your responsibility to begin loss mitigation, including steps to prevent the damage from getting worse. Take inventory of damaged goods before discarding anything and save receipts for money spent related to the loss.

Can I clean my own home after I have experienced a fire or smoke damage/loss?

In many cases attempting the cleanup process yourself will only make matters worse. Certified technicians have the experience, training and knowledge to assess the damage and restore your belongings.

What should I do if the fire causes broken windows or damage to my roof?

Harbor View Restoration LLC has the capabilities of performing emergency service board ups. Securing your property is an important step in preventing further damage. If the fire causes a power outage in your home, make certain that you inventory and dispose of any items in your refrigerator. If the fire occurred during the winter months and you anticipate being without power for any significant time, Harbor View can make arrangements winterize your home, again preventing further damage as a result of broken water pipes.

My home will need repairs and I am unable to stay at the home while the work is being completed. What will happen to my belongings?

Harbor View Restoration LLC can handle the project from start to finish. First, Harbor View Restoration LLC will complete a “pack out” of your home. All salvageable items will be itemized and removed from your home. They will be deodorized and cleaned. The items will be stored here until you are ready to move back into your home or they can be brought to your temporary living location. Harbor View can handle all phases of repair, including demolition and rebuilding.

What is water damage restoration?

Restoration is the act of restoring or returning something to its former “normal” state. The first and most important aspect of water damage restoration is to remove excess moisture from the affected materials and return them to their original state. The restoration job is not complete until all affected materials are completely dried and restored to their original condition.

How can I prevent water damage to my home?

• Start with the roof - Your roof is “out of sight and out of mind” so it’s easy to forget until you have unsightly water damage from a leak. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent problems before they begin.

• Outside walls, doors and windows - Inspect outside walls, doors and windows each spring and fall for unusual wear and tear. Water and moisture can penetrate these common areas if they are not maintained regularly.

• Eliminate excess moisture - Today’s well built, well insulated homes can trap excess moisture and condensation inside, especially if you have inadequate ventilation. Good preventive maintenance can help eliminate many moisture problems. Inside your home - Obviously a dripping pipe can cause water damage inside your home. To find problems before they cause damage here are some tips:

• Listen for any unusual hissing sounds. This can be a pinhole leak in a water line within the floor or wall.

• Periodically check hard-to-reach, seldom seen places around the water heater, under sinks and behind clothes washers. Check the ice maker lines and filters for your refrigerators and periodically check your sump pump.

• Look for discolored floor coverings or sub floors; these are usually signs of a leak. Water stains and wetness are often caused by loose or damaged plumbing fixtures.

How much does it cost to repair water damage and do I need an estimate prior to the work beginning?

Every water damage restoration project is different. It is often difficult to provide an accurate estimate for work to be completed. There are many variables that determine how long the drying equipment will need to remain in place. Harbor View Restoration LLC uses a computer software program that is recognized throughout the insurance industry to generate our billing. Itemized billing is prepared once the structure has been properly dried. You or your insurance company will only be billed for work completed.

Can my carpet and pad be salvaged after water damage?

An experienced water remediation technician will be able to determine if your carpet and pad can be salvaged. Factors that are considered when making this decision include the age and condition of the carpet at the time of the water loss, the length of time the carpet was exposed, the source of the water damage and the temperature of the water.

Do I have a choice in the restoration company I choose to restore my property or must I use who my insurance company recommends?

Often times when you report a loss to your insurance company they will recommend one of their “preferred vendors.” Under the law, it is your right to determine which company will perform the work in your home or business. Harbor View Restoration LLC has the best interest of its clients in mind every time.

How long will it take to dry out my property?

The average water loss takes 3-5 days. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may take longer. Our technicians will monitor the progress of the job daily. They will utilize state of the art moisture meters to measure the amount of moisture remaining in your building structure. Equipment will be added, removed or moved to assure the fastest results possible. Equipment left onsite should remain running and should only be moved by one of our experienced technicians.

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Serving New York and New Jersey homeowners, business owners, and insurance companies with emergency mitigation with water damage restoration, flood repair, fire recovery, mold remediation, sewage clean up, wind damage repair, fallen trees and debris, water extraction and odor removal services.

Harbor View Restoration LLC is a full service licensed general contractor company in New York and New Jersey that specializes in property restoration related to Water, Fire, and Mold. We have provided our clients with Emergency Response and immediate mitigation after damages that require restoration and repair. To restore your home or business to pre-crisis condition and avoid costly errors – it’s important to select the most qualified professionals.

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